Niedziela (26.11.2023), 18:30-19:30 | CNiK Młyny Rothera, Młyn 1 piętro | wstęp wolny


wykład w języku angielskim

What we see: Sciences like Physics or Biology, or also Sociology are dominating public discourses. The steering of the pandemic, the discussion about climate change, the evaluation of the status of the society, all this is left to sciences delivering hard facts. Philosophy as a specific form of thinking and living is not depending on hard facts. More and more it seems not to be needed. The humanities also in Germany are suffering a hard time. Not connected to any place, (atopic), bound to language only, beyond any obligation for institution, a life in openness as such, philosophy is more and more marginalized. But the attempt of this lecture is to show, that philosophy always exists „still.“ Philosophy is always a thinking in the moment of its disappearing, of its loss.